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I welcome you to the official website of the Recsk Association!

"When you enter this website, I ask you to forget for a moment that you are in the 21st century. Through these pages, we will show you a much different world that will be unimaginable to you.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the 20th century, this was the painful truth for the people who suffered from the brutality of that world. In the XIX. and XX. centuries more and more people appreciated an "idea" which was called communism and proclaiming the equality of people.

With this, they were able to win over many individuals, some even to to the point that made them fanatics. Those that were in this group put in their all to help the system, to realize their brutal plans. These atrocities have now become history.

Today, experts dispute whether they really murder 80-100 million people in the name of this "idea" or whether this is plain fiction. For us, who lived through all this, and witnessed the murder of many of our companions, we know exactly the answer to this question. We must not forget of the hundreds of thousands of our comrades who have survived. Due to the inhumane conditions, life at the camp was a constant struggle.

The equality preached by communism was merely a disguise. We didn't even realize it when we saw that while millions and millions were starving in Russia, the leaders acquired unimaginable amounts of lands for themselves and their families. Unbridled terror could only maintain their power. Forced labor camps have been set up. This is due in part to serve as a deterrent, and in part to provide manpower for the implementation of their gigantic and usually unrealistic plans. These were the infamous GULAGS.

Hungary appeared on the "liberators" after the defeat we suffered in World War II. They brought with them their people who, although they spoke Hungarian, in reality never represented Hungarian interests, but rather the interests of Moscow. In everything they followed the Soviet pattern. In fact, many have gone to extremes for their approval. Based on their experiences in the Gulag, the Recsk extermination camp was set up in the Soviet model.

If you go through our website, you can be assured of this historical fact. It is a history lesson beyond the impersonality which will make you gain an insight into this world.

Upon arrival in this camp, we already knew that there will be no turning back. One sign of this was that when we arrived they took all our civil belongings and without making an inventory, they threw them out. The number of Recsk camp prisoners was about 1,450 people. We still do not know today exactly who the dead are. We did not find out even after 1989. We only know of those who we witnessed dying in some kind of accident, or if the person next to us did not wake the following morning. The ones who were very weak suddenly just disappeared and we never heard from them again.

It is now my knowledge that altogether a dozen of the former slaves are still alive. Of course, there are more in our membership, as the relatives have also joined the association as a sign of reverence. We have also undertaken the interest of other persecuted such as the displaced people, others who suffered under the gulags, etc.

The main objective of our association is, by testimonials from the living, to show to the masses what life was like at that time."



Béla v. Krasznay
former President of the Recsk Association

Another objective is that even after the departure of the few that are left, that the atrocities of Recsk not be forgotten or silenced, especially from those who do not know yet what happened there.

We accept anyone as a member in our association who agree with our objectives for family reasons or due to genuine interest.



Miklós Kis
President of the Recsk Association

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